The Challenges

Hacking is creative problem-solving. A hackathon challenge defines a particular challenge or issue of importance. The challenge should address a situation, state, or event which meets a real need and inspire new and creative thinking. This hackathon aims to help solve questions connected to a future sustainable mobility sector within these five categories:

Lethal accidents in traffic

Safety by objects! The number of road accidents is high often due to poor infrastructure, potholes, and the absence of signboards. How can we leverage object detection technology and AI to improve road safety? How can we improve, implement or apply image processing for improved road safety?

Sustainable transport

Key to sustainable Future! Shipments account for an essential part of the road-bound transportation network. How might we utilize data and innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of road transport of goods as well as sign board consistency and pre-communicate to the driver about upcoming road signage?

Safe transports

VIP Truck Drivers Every truck driver shall have access to proper working conditions, training, and knowledge – to ensure the best possible preconditions to apply a safe driving behavior. Let’s find new and creative ways to use connected vehicles to improve road safety and working conditions for truck drivers, on the road as well as during loading and handling!

Air pollution/emissions from traffic sector

It’s in the air! Air Pollution is one of our biggest health challenges globally. Today multiple Air Quality sensor networks have been established across the world.  Your challenge is to use and visualize data from these sources: satellite measurements, city monitors, and research monitors to make Air Quality Data easy to understand and used!

Infrastructure for connected vehicles

It’s all connected Once considered merely “nice to have,” connectivity is rapidly becoming a critical part of road transportation systems. While it is true that many of today’s 2G-4G networks can provide sufficient connectivity for numerous Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the higher data rate, lower latency and improved capacity provided by 5G New Radio (NR) access make 5G systems the ideal choice to maximize the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of road transportation. How can we utilize mobile and other connected infrastructure to optimize the value and benefit of connected vehicles?

Sustainable logistics

Fast and greenious! How can we utilize AI and other solutions to replace fossil fuel-based technology in logistics transports, while providing positive benefits and incitements for logistic companies? What solutions can be designed to ease the transition into green mobility? Create solutions for accessible transitions to green mobility, contributing to the reduced environmental impact of logistic transports.