Support the outcome

The outcome of a hackathon is only as good as the support provided. Our ambition is to provide the best possible options for the most promising solutions to continue evolve after the hackathon weekend – we rely on your supports as partners to make this happen!

Please use the below form to specify how you would be able to support the most promising solutions, after the hackathon.

We will reach out to you after the hackathon, to put you in touch with a team which requirements best match your knowledge and capacity (based on below form).

If you select the option to be part of follow-up sessions you will receive an invite to each category after the hackathon (with the option to participate in one or several sessions).

Support the solutions after the hackathon (Mobility hack)

Clarify in what way you are able to help support the most promising solutions after the hackathon.
  • Name of the contact person (you or someone else) who we should contact to discuss support after the hackathon.
  • Email to contact person.
  • Phone contact person.
  • Where are you located?
  • Company or organization name.
    Follow-up sessions will be held on zoom during the weeks to follow after the hackathon. Invited to these calls will be the winning teams in each category and partners interested to support the solutions (you will get to select which category later on and can participate in more then one category).
  • Do you want to support in a way that is not covered above? Please let us know how you would like to contribute!
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