Partner info-submission

Submission of partner info, as presented to participants in hackathon platform (Eventornado).

Partner info (Mobility hack)

Information to be published on hackathon platform (visible to participants)
  • Your company name
  • Name of contacts person (visibel to participants)
  • Email of contact person (visible to participants)
  • By registering, you are authorising us to collect, store and use your email address, and other such information you provide during registration, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
  • Company description (as presented to participants)
  • Listing of resources provided that are hackathon-specific only (can ONLY be accessed/leveraged by participants during the hackathon or dependent of outcome)
  • Listing of opportunities or resources provided that are not hackathon-specific only (can be accessed/leveraged by participants independent of the hackathon outcome and also after the hackathon ends)