About Nordic Smart City Hack

Nordic Smart City Hack is a 48-hour online hackathon between 2-6 November, where citizens from all five Nordic countries will come together and collaborate to create innovative and sustainable digital solutions for smarter cities. Anyone from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland can apply to join the hack, either solo or as a team. No previous experiences is needed, all competencies are valuable in making our Nordic cities even smarter. Hackers will be provided with platforms, tools and mentors to guide them throughout the hackathon as well as live streamed sessions during the weekend. The hackathon will officially open with an opening ceremony and end with a closing ceremony where the winners will be announced. A more detailed schedule will be updated closer to the start of the hackathon.

This hackathon will take place alongside the H22 summit organised by our collaborating partner H22 Helsingborg.


The mission for Nordic Smart City Hack is to connect the smart city ecosystems of the Nordic countries and to create real sustainable solutions for the future cities of the Nordics. By inviting the citizens to join in the Nordic Smart City Hack, our aim is to create a platform for citizen-driven innovation where all members of society can join in shaping the cities of the future. How will we live, eat, transport and enjoy ourselves in the city of tomorrow? In a globalised post-corona world it is more important than ever to join forces and create solutions that can scale in more than one country – because we are stronger together.

We believe the Nordic countries can benefit from creating a stronger ecosystem across our nations borders, and invite all actors important for creating the cities we want to live in tomorrow: public sector, private sector, academia and citizens. Together as a region we have greater possibilities to find the solutions we need, that can address the challenges we face now – and in the future.

Together we can create true citizen-driven innovation for the cities we dream of tomorrow

Ann Molin, Project Manager, Nordic Smart City Hack, Swedish Institute