Hacker Information

On this page you as a hacker will find all information needed for the hackathon gathered in one place. You will be able to watch both the opening and prize ceremony as well as live-stream sessions on the Livestream. You can also access and find direct links to platforms, guidelines and toolkits. It is quite a lot of information so we’ve split it into different sections. This page will also be updated continuously when new information comes. 

Livestream Prize Ceremony

Direct links

All the information

All hackathon information have been split it into different sections to easier grasp everything. See sections down below:
(Information updated November 2).

  1. Team formation
  2. Initial Submission
  3. Evaluation Criteria (how to win!) 
  4. Join our Slack
  5. Next steps for your team
  6. Information Regarding Mentors
  7. The Ultimate Hacker Toolkit
  8. Final Submission
  9. Schedule for the upcoming days

1. Team formation

We invite everyone from the Nordics that want to make our cities even smarter to join, and of course our efforts will be stronger if we team up! 

  1. Everyone who wants to join the hackathon needs to sign up individually using the ‘register as a hacker’ button on the front page.
    Note that the application for matchmaking is closed but you can still sign up as solo or with an existing team until November 2, 23.59 CET.

  2. If you did apply for the matchmaking before deadline your team information has been sent to you via email.

  3. Teams are not limited to any size. You can have as many or as few team members as you wish. This also means that if you want to compete solo that is totally okay!

  4. If you want to add more team members to your already existing team the responsibility lies with you to find them. We suggest you reach out to your personal network and friends and tell them sign up to the hackathon and join you or post in the slack channel #find-team-members where you can see if there is anyone that wants to switch team or someone who has signed up late that wants to join a team.

  5. The registration of the complete team is done during the initial submission on November 2. At the initial submission you fill in a team name, who is the team lead (responsible for submitting your solution) and the names and email addresses of all team members. If more people are added to your team along the hackathon this can be added and changed until the final submission, so no worries!.

  6. So:
    a) If you already have team members, make sure they are registered individually on the website, then create a private group chat in Slack, create your team video meeting link and get hacking! Also remember to choose a team lead within your team (responsible for submitting your solution).

    b) If you want to compete solo, make sure you read all information on the channel #announcement and get hacking and don’t forget to hand in your initial submission before deadline so we know your information. 

    c) If you are solo but want to join a team or if you have a team who wants more members check out the Slack channel #find-team-members!

2. Initial Submission

Each team need to submit their initial submission before deadline
23.59 CET November 2. Discuss these questions with your team members and make sure you have enough time to fill in the form, it is plenty of questions so don’t wait until last minute. The initial submission opens right after the Opening Ceremony which starts 18.00 CET November 2. Click here to to access the hackathon platform.

The initial submission form consist of:

1) Topic

Choose which of the five challenges that your solution would fit best in
– A smarter labour market
– A better city for health
– Mobility of tomorrow
– A new place for cultural life
– Be a smart neighbour

2) What is your team name?

Fill i a team name, this can be changed later for the final submission.

3) Who are your team members?

Fill in first name, last name and email adress to all your team members (this information is for internal use only).

4) Team video meeting link

Please upload your team’s video meeting link (Jitsi) here. You will use this link for all your team meetings and mentor sessions. This will also be used if the organisers to contact you.

5) What problem are you trying to solve?

Describe what problem within your chosen challenge that you are trying to solve. You can either choose one of the existing problem statements found here, or formulate your own.

6) How do you plan to solve the problem?

Describe how you are planning to solve the problem. We totally understand if you have not thought about this yet, therefore this field is optional to fill in, it is just for our curiosity :).

7) Will you build a prototype or submit a conceptual solution?

Choose one of the three options. This can also be changed later.
– Prototype (choose prototype if you plan to build your solution with code)
– Conceptual.
– We have not decided yet

This can also be changed later

3. Evaluation Criteria (How to win)

All solutions in the hackathon are to be judged on the following six criteria by the jury. There is no internal ranking between the criteria, they are all equally important.

The solution does not need to be technical, meaning that you don’t need to build your solution on code. Regardless if you want to participate and create a technical solution based on code or on a concept without code, everyone needs to send in a video demonstrating your solution. The video can consist of either a demo or on a similar way to demonstrate your concept in relation to the criteria (be innovative, examples could be; fly drones to show your solution, create a sketch, a fictional video etc).

  1. Comprehensibility –  Comprehensibility of the solution proposal’s value proposition and main use case –  Is it easy to understand the solution? How it works and how it will be implemented to make our cities smarter? How well is the solution detailed? Does it include a description of the key segments of people that will benefit from it? Will the final users of the solution understand it too or do they need special skills to take part?

  2. RealisabilityRealisability of the solution from its current idea stage to product stage, used in production by its intended users in its problem context – Is this a smart solution that we can use? Is it resourceful? Do we have all the needed data? What are the risks? How soon can we get the solution to the intended users? Is the technology mature enough? How much effort is required?

  3. InnovativenessInnovativeness of the idea behind the solution, as well as the intended technology to be used in an implementation of the solution. Are there existing or similar solutions? How do they differ from this one? Why has it not been done before?

  4. Scalability Scalability of the solution if it is implemented and realized. How many Nordic citizens are experiencing the problem and pain? What is the expected demand? How many citizens can use this solution? How many are willing to pay for it or use it? How would it manage an exponentially growing user base/Could this solution be scaled if our cities grow even further?

  5. Benefit for societyBenefits that the solution would bring to society if realized, both monetary and non-monetary. How many in the problem context would experience an improvement and how extensive would that improvement be?

  6. Video presentation – Based on the video presentation, is this a well executed solution? How far is the solution developed? How well was it presented? 
    1. If built with code: Is the prototype working fully? If not, how well does it work?
    2. If not built with code: Is the concept detailed enough to implement? Is there a need for further development before one gets started?

4. Slack

Slack will be our main communication platform during the whole hackathon, so make sure you and all your team members join our slack to not miss any important information.

Basics about how to use slack

Create private channels 

  • You will be able to create your own private channels in Slack where you can invite others to join you on a solution you want to work on. This way you can chat in private and don’t get distracted by other participants. But always keep an eye on the relevant public channel.

General Channels 

We have set up an easy to use Slack Workspace with channels that will help you have a great experience during this hackathon.

  • You will also be able to connect with other hackers, organisers, partners and mentors through our public channels. Everyone will automatically be invited to the relevant channels when you sign in the first time but as the hackathon continues more channels might be added. 
  • All important and updated information related to the hackathon will be posted in #announcement. To find what topic specific channels we have check out #find-channels. If you have any questions Team Nordic Smart City Hack will answer your questions in #ask-the-organisers.

5. Next steps for your team

If you have applied for matchmaking your team information have been sent to you on email, check it out and then follow these next steps. If you already are a complete team or a solo hacker just follow these steps

1) Create a private slack channel for your team to have a place to communicate during the hackathon. Also make sure to decide on who will be the Team Lead (this will be the person is responsible for filling in the submissions into the hackathon platform).

2) Remember to generate your team video meeting link. Each team need to have a team video link which will be used for your mentor sessions, for video meetings within the team and for the organisers to be able to contact the team if needed. You only need to generate the link once and then you can reuse the same link for every meeting your team has. To generate your team video link: click on this link– wait until the page has loaded and then copy paste the URL which is generated. Make sure you save down the new link to access the same room for your next meetings.

3) Have a first video meeting in your team video meeting room and start brainstorming on the information needed for the initial submission. 

6. Information Regarding Mentors

Booking mentor sessions 

1 ) Go to this link to find mentors with the expertise you need. Use the filter function in the top left corner to find the right person. (You can choose to filter on competencies, availability or other functions, just click add filter and choose from the list.) 

2 ) When you have found your preferred mentor, click on the booking link in their card to go to the booking system to find out which time slots the mentor is available, and book the time!

3) Don’t forget to paste your team video meeting link into the booking so that the mentor can join your meeting room when it is time for the session. Good Luck! ⭐️

Public channels available

We have also opened up the channel #looking-for-mentors, a channel where mentors and teams can meet. Here teams can post about their project and what help they are looking for. Mentors can introduce themselves to offer help. NOTE: If you are looking for a video session with a mentor, then this needs to be booked through the mentor booking system.  This channel is only for simpler questions a mentor could answer with a short text message.

7. The Ultimate Hacker Toolkit

To help you create the best solution possible, we have gathered a toolkit and inspirational resources to help you during the hackathon.

At our inspiration page on the website you can find: research articles, podcast episodes, TEDx talks and tons of open data sources to get started. But if you would like to have hands-on tools check out our toolkit

The toolkit includes:

  • Free cloud products and services
  • Credits for Azure and Google cloud platform
  • APIs
  • Relevant tools for tech development, code, and design.

Access the toolkit here.

Please also share your own findings with the rest of the community in the #resources channel in our Slack community. Because we are stronger together!

8. Final Submission

When you send in your final submission on Wednesday November 4 at 18.00 CET, this is the information you need to provide us:

  1. What is your team name?
  2. Who are your team members?
  3. Your team’s video meeting link
  4. What problem are you trying to solve?
  5. How do you plan to solve the problem?
  6. Will you build a prototype or submit a conceptual solution?
  7. How do you plan to make this solution a reality? Do you have an action plan?
  8. Why is your solution innovative?
  9. How scalable is your solution?
  10. How does your solution make an impact?
  11. Link to your pitch video (on Youtube, Google Drive or Vimeo) – max 2 min long
  12. I understand and agree that the above information (excluding contact info) will be published

More detailed information about the final submission will be announced in Slack and on the Live-stream on Wednesday, so stay tuned!

9. Schedule for the upcoming days

Thursday (5 November)

Jury work continues

Friday (6 November)

14.00 CET – Prize Ceremony and winners announced
The Jury have made their decision!. Ceremony will be live-streamed via Youtube. Watch the prize ceremony on top of the page.

With love, 
Team Nordic Smart City Hack