Register as a hacker

Sign up as a hacker to join Nordic Smart City Hack.

The only criteria to join is that you can communicate in English and have access to a computer. No previous experience is needed and we need all different competences.

There are different ways of participating in the hackathon, but regardless if you are solo or have a team EVERYONE needs to sign up individually.
When signing up you can fill in to either:
1) compete solo
2) compete with a team that you’re already a part of

Note that matchmaking is closed but if you would like to find other members we have a slack channel #find-new-members to help you out! Registration to sign up to the hackathon is open until initial submission November 2 at 23.59 CET.

After your registration, more information will be sent via email and announced on our slack. Make sure to join slack and read all relevant information at our hacker page.