About the Hackathon

The SwedenKorea 5G Hack is an online hackathon, where selected tech students from Sweden and South Korea will work together in teams to co-create real sustainable solutions based on 5G.

Any student within the field of tech/engineers from Sweden and Korea can apply to join the hackathon. Each hacker will apply individually, and if selected, you will be placed on a team of both Swedish and Korean students. We need different types of competencies and creative minds to build innovative solutions for the future of our nations. Hackers will be provided with platforms, tools and mentors to guide them throughout the hackathon as well as video-taped sessions for inspiration and information during the hackathon.


The mission of SwedenKorea 5G Hack is to strengthen and evolve the bilateral relations between South Korea and Sweden, by bringing the very best of the innovation ecosystems from both of  our countries to the table – top tech students, companies, government agencies, innovation hubs and academia. In working on real challenges connected to 5G and the UN’s 17 sustainable developments goals, we aim for impact by tapping into the unique possibilities that come from bringing these two international innovation leaders together.

Together we can create synergies and bring value not only to the citizens of South Korea and Sweden, but to the citizens of the whole world.

Ann Molin, Project Manager, SwedenKorea 5G Hack, Swedish Institute